In an environment where the movement, storage or handling of vehicles is part of your every day function, you need to be able to ensure that the condition of your Customers vehicle is properly captured at the point of handover and that when there is an issue or claim for damage, you can quickly recall and confirm or more importantly disprove that you or your staff are responsible.

Our vehicle condition recording systems are designed to provide a 360 degree High Definition image of a vehicle as it passes through a checkpoint. The images are tied to the recorded vehicle registration which is provides and instantly searchable and retrievable record of the vehicles arrival and its visual condition before being handed over or collected.

The vehicle condition recording system is a self contained solution which can be accessed by any authorised user over your network via our easy to use web interface. The system has been be adapted to a range of environments including:

  • Car Hire
  • Airport Valet  /  Meet & Greet Parking
  • Service Centres
  • Vehicle Preparation and Auction Facilities
  • Vehicle Storage and Transportation
  • Construction Sites

Condition image captures are scaleable from a single camera up to a maximum of 24 per system with the ability to link multiple condition capture points to a single system as well as integrating with other technologies including digital tyre depth readers and vehicle weighscales.

Our Range of Vehicle Condition Recording products & solutions include:


Our Vehicle Damage Recording System (DRS) is the ultimate in vehicle condition recording. Offering a flexible and scalable system with rapid image recall feature 8MP HD imagery and integration with pre-booking and arrival alerting systems options, you will never have to worry about vehicle condition reporting again.


We supply and fit a range of “drive over” tyre tread scanners, suitable for both indoor and external use. Linked to our  award winning ANPR technology, the TreadCHECK system quickly scans and analyses the depth and condition of treads on all four tyres whilst on the move, providing quick and accurate indication of whether the vehicle’s tyre are road legal and safe.

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