When it comes to detecting and recording traffic violations, infringement and contraventions, our ANPR systems cover a range of applications both for public and private sector use.

Our Traffic Enforcement solutions modernise the way Red Light violation enforcement is delivered. Our ASPEK Digital-TL camera can automatically detects the status of a traffic light using camera-based image analysis without any external sensor and thus reduces installation and maintenance efforts to the minimum.

When the light turns red, the violation mode activates and the system creates a virtual trigger on the road surface. If a vehicle crosses this virtual line causing a violation, the camera captures the number plate details in addition to a series of monochrome or optionally color context pictures showing the vehicle approaching the traffic light and passing the stop line at the red signal. Moreover, to complete the evidence file, the system produces a video showing the infringement.

The entire report containing all violation evidence is generated within the eyeTRAFFIC system and made ready to be stored or securely transferred to the enforcing authority. As a result of this design, no additional software or external processing power is needed; making the system extremely cost-effective.

The ASPEK Digital-TL camera range is adaptable to cover different traffic situations, from singe to dual lanes and from one traffic light per lane to one traffic light every two lanes, making it particularly suitable for many inner-city applications.

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