Road User Charging Schemes or Traffic Tolling are increasing being considered as an effective means of not only reducing congestion and therefore vehicle based emissions, but also in apportioning charges for supporting the road infrastructure directly on those who use it.

The most common types of Traffic Tolling include Toll Bridges and Toll Tunnels where passage across the roadway is charged in a per vehicle basis. Other forms of Tolling includes Road Congestion pricing schemes such as the London Congestion Charge here in the UK.

Our ANPR systems have been utilised in a range of Traffic Tolling systems and we have developed effective solutions for integrating with pay at the roadside charging as well as Autobilling and Pay on Account transactions.

Our range of Road User Charging solutions incorporate:


Our AspekDigital Range of smart ANPR cameras can operate as standalone access control units, linked to any existing electronic barrier, or can integrate with our AccessGUARDIAN software suite for larger scale access control systems.


The RoadGUARDIAN module is our back-office system built on our award wining eyeTRAFFIC platform which allows monitoring of multiple ANPR data and billing/payment platforms in order to generate accurate reporting and compliance data.

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