“Rat Running” is when Motorist making unauthorised or prohibited short cuts, often through private or restricted roadways or residential areas in an attempt to avoid congestion or traffic restrictions.

This practice often occurs in an attempt to save time, but is highly dangerous as it frequently ends with vehicles speeding through highly built up residential areas, putting the safety of other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

Whilst many Traffic Planners have sought to deter motorists by installing various Traffic Calming measures such as speed humps or introducing chicanes, there have been few means of effectively dealing with the problem until ANPR International introduced its RoadGUARDIAN system.

ANPR developed and introduced the UKs first Rat Running detection scheme, designed to tackle the issue and allow the effective identification, evidential recording and subsequent prosecution of Rat Running vehicles.

Our Rat Run Detection systems incorporate:


Our AspekDigital Range of smart ANPR cameras can operate as standalone access control units, linked to any existing electronic barrier, or can integrate with our AccessGUARDIAN software suite for larger scale access control systems.


The RoadGUARDIAN module is our back-office system built on our award wining eyeTRAFFIC platform which allows monitoring of multiple ANPR data and billing/payment platforms in order to generate accurate reporting and compliance data.

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