“Tailgaiting” or “Sneak-Throughs” are a growing problem in many barrier controlled parking areas, but until recently, Tailgating Detection has been difficult to record and accurately address.

Motorists who carry out Tailgating are primarily incentivised by the prospect of not having to pay for parking and therefore pose a significant loss of revenue and leakage when they would otherwise be required to Pay on Exit at the point of leaving the car park or in other situations are required to pay for their staff parking.

Our tailgating detection solution is focused purely on stopping those individuals intent on cheating the system and costing the car park owners and parking operators lost revenue, with a solution that decisively tackles the problem of barrier tailgating.

Many car park owners and operators see Tailgaiting as not only a financial loss in terms of revenue, but also a cost with these car park cheats, often causing damage to barriers and posing serious safety issues to pedestrians and other vehicles when racing to beat the barrier, purely to avoid payment.

To effectively tackle this problem ANPR International has developed its GateGUARDIAN solution.


Designed as a retrofit option to work with any existing barriers. The gateGUARDIAN system incorporates a dual HD camera system that monitors the barrier lanes and watches for a Tailgating event. When the system detects a Tailgate event, it records a pre-defined time frame of HD video footage to a Network Storage system showing the full evidence of the tailgating incident, which can then be used to formally identify the vehicle responsible and pursue the offending motorist.

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