ANPR International are a UK based specialist systems integrator and provider of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) or License Plate Recognition (LPR) based systems, solutions and services. We are part of the Excel Parking group of companies who along with our sister companies within the group, are able to offer a range of combined end to end solutions unlike any other systems provider.

We are a combined solutions provider and sell and deliver our technology through multiple business streams, selling both directly to ‘End Users’ as well as via Distributors, System Integrators and Resellers Partners. We also provide a number of Third Party solutions from our Group Companies and Systems Partners.

At ANPR International our Customer Solutions team understand every aspect of ANPR/LPR technology and we can provide a range of “Out of the Box” or “Bespoke” ANPR solutions that capture a range of Plate or Number Plate or License Plate data and integrate it into other systems for processing or analytics.

Our comprehensive range of services and turnkey solutions are completely scaleable able to meet every situation from the smallest single lane access control application, to the largest city roadway network monitoring scheme and whether we supply direct to end user or via our third party network, all our products and services and backed up by the expertise of our in house technical support based in Sheffield.

We are proud of our product development history and have a range of proprietary products, solutions and systems based on our Digital ‘D-ANPR’™ Smart camera technology coupled with our platform independent, eyeTRAFFIC™ application and back office software suite.

As solutions engineers, we have been responsible for the development of a number of custom ANPR/LPR based products and systems for applications delivered to a range of public and private sector Clients, delivering acclaimed industry ‘firsts’, which now form part of our extensive product and services line up.

We are always pleased to discuss any requirement for ANPR or LPR solutions or the opportunity to extend our network of preferred distributors, reseller & system partners within the UK and abroad. So if you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us using any of the contact details provided.