Facilities Management is a very demanding sector and ANPR International have a range of innovative technical solutions and services designed to take away some of the headaches surrounding vehicle and traffic control.

The challenges of Facilities Management are extremely broad and in reality most FM practitioners are only seeing the scope of their responsibility widening.

As part of this broader FM scope, there is often a need to look at managing site access or controlling the demand for an often limited parking estate. Whether this management is through the need to ensure site security to prevent trespass or theft or simply just to better manage demand and space availability, then we have a solution to suit.

Our range of Applications & Services to the Facilities Management Sector include:

Access Control

Our access control solutions, provide everything you need to ensure only authorised vehicles enter your premises.

Car Park Management

We have a range of technologies to enable you or your car park management operator to effectively police and control your car parks. We have a range of Charge Parking, Permit Parking and Free Parking management systems, so whatever you need we have go the solution for you.

Speed Monitoring & Control

Need to monitor or prevent speeding on your site. Our range of Passive and Active speed monitoring and control devices will ensure that safety is maintained.

Car Park & Traffic Studies

Want to know how well utilised your car parks are? Need to know what the volume of traffic is coming onto your development? Our range of ANPR based Car Park and Traffic survey solutions can tell you everything from duration of stay, number of repeat visitors and even the CO2 emissions profile of the traffic seen in a day.

Watch-list Alerting

Do you need to ban vehicles from your site but find it difficult to detecting them? Our alerting systems, can immediately tell you when a banned vehicle attempts to enter your site and put your security on notice.

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