ANPR International was founded in 2005 and from its inception was driven to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology solutions. Since our founding we have looked to deliver end to end ANPR solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of each Client or Application, built on a structured yet highly configurable range of Products and Software.

Our birthplace and company headquarters is in Sheffield, the original “Steel City”, nestled at the edge of the Peak District National Park in Yorkshire, England. Sheffield famous for “Sheffield Steel” and the words oldest association football club Sheffield FC founded in 1857, has grown since its industrial beginnings at the start of the Industrial Revolution to become home today to many of the world’s most innovative engineering & technical organisations and to which we proudly consider ourselves Sheffield’ born & bred.

In 2010, due to the growth of the business and need for room to expand, we moved out of Sheffield City Center to our current offices in Sheffield Business Park, with close links the the M1 motorway network and built on the former Sheffield City Airport, the new offices provided our Group of Companies the space we need to bring all aspects of our technical, support and R&D services under one roof.

Since 2005 our technology, products and services have developed to cover an extensive range of sectors; both public and private, building on over a decades understanding and experience with traffic management, monitoring and control issues. Our range of products and services have been designed and developed in house, to meet the specific requirements of the markets we support; this has evolved into the eyeTRAFFIC vehicle management system.

We have proven strengths in deploying this technology in a diverse cross section of applications ranging from Parking Management to Access Control, Traffic Survey and Analysis to Enforcement, Security to Customer Service. Wherever there is a need to monitor, manage or control vehicles, we have a solution to meet that need.