ANPR International has a feature rich set of parking management solutions that have been developed over a decade of servicing the parking sector. We have worked with a number of parking equipment and service providers to be able to ensure that our technology can integrate and adapt to almost any parking situation.

Our technology currently supports these parking environments.

  • • Maximum / Limited Stay parking
  • • Pay & Display /  Pay on Arrival parking
  • • Permit Holder / Authorised Vehicle / Staff parking
  • • Pay on Departure / Pay on Exit / Pay on Foot parking
  • • Barrier Controlled parking
  • • Barrierless parking
  • • Pay on Account / AutoBilling
  • • Pay by Phone / Smartphone App / Web / Pre-booking
  • • Multistory & Surface car parks

Our Range of Car Park Management products & solutions include:


Our AspekDigital Range of smart ANPR cameras can operate as standalone access control units, linked to any existing electronic barrier, or can integrate with our AccessGUARDIAN software suite for larger scale access control systems.


We supply and install a range of electronic barriers from a leading UK manufacturer. The barriers use the latest technology to maintain the barriers smooth operation and only require a singe phase supply, providing a smooth consistent operation.

Pay Stations

We supply and install a range of charge parking payment terminals, offering both Pay & Display and Pay on Foot functionality. All our pay stations are designed and built in the UK incorporating the latest security and payment technologies and all fully integrated with our range of ANPR Parking Systems.


For larger scale or more complex access control requirements, our accessGUARDIAN software suite integrates with our range of ANPR cameras, to enable management of variable permitted vehicle entry lists based on a range of options from permit user group, vehicle type or time of day for example. The accessGUARDIAN software can also be utilised to interface with other applications to enable charging for vehicle entry or exit.


If you need to know when a vehicle attempts to access your site, then accessALERT is precisely what you need. The accessALERT system can be used to alert your security or reception to “VIP” vehicles or “Banned” vehicles the moment they approach your barriers. Alerts can be linked to email or display boards, depending on your specific requirements.


If you have barriers already and suffer from “Tailgaters” or “Sneak-Throughs” getting into or out of your car park without paying or without permission, then gateGUARDIAN can help put an end to this costly and potential dangerous practice.


For all your car park management needs our bayGUARDIAN back-office software allows the networking of multiple ANPR cameras across various locations into one easy to use web based system. bayGUARDIAN is built on our award winning eyeTRAFFIC platform and takes the guesswork out of compliance checking and parking enforcement, providing clear contravention records and evidence files for seamless integration with your chosen Notice Processing software.


Bringing you a wealth of information at the “Click of a Button”, our carCOUNT statistical package delivers in depth metrics on how your car park is being used. Based on our eyeTRAFFIC platform, the carCOUNT system enhances your understanding of the vehicles using your car park with everything from – How long vehicles stay to Traffic Flow and Peak Occupancy.

Car Park Studies

 If you need to undertake a short term assessment or evaluation of your car park, then our Car Park Study service is just what you need. Our ANPR survey team offer a range of car park / traffic studies, using our rapid deployment cameras and mobile ANPR vehicles. Studies can range from one day up to a couple of months and the data is analysed through our carCOUNT system to provide you with detailed reporting on your car park metrics.

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