As can be expected from a solutions provider such as ANPR International, we have a worked collaboratively over the years with a number of Police, Government Agencies, Public Bodies and Specialist Security Service providers to develop a range of ANPR based technologies for today's policing environment.

Our ANPR products cover both mobile, temporary and fixed camera solutions and have both a passive and active operational image acquisition and capture. We use only the latest in digital on board processing and deliver exceptionally high performance read rates and can incorporating a range of additional features such as:

• Vehicle Speed

• Vehicle Class

• Vehicle Colour

• GPS Coordinates

Our systems can match against multiple database sources for instantaneous actionable alerts such as "Stolen" or "No Tax" vehicles and can also output to multiple servers using secure data encryption and communications protocols.

Our range of Applications & Services to the Policing and Security Services Sector are designed to deliver outstanding intelligence gathering and traffic enforcement capabilities and include:

  • Traffic Enforcement - We have a range of adaptable solutions to designed to capture traffic infringement such as "Red-light" and "No Stopping" events.
  • Speed Monitoring & Control - Our range of speed detection and monitoring systems are capable of working in a variety of  environments and can integrate with third party devices.
  • Road User Charging - Traffic tolling/billing based on a range of parameters from vehicle class or fuel type.
  • Rat-Run Detection - When you need to detect or enforce against vehicles short cutting through restricted roadways, then we have the solution you need.
  • Mobile Detector Units - Vehicle mounted and transportable ANPR detection systems, off the shelf or designed to your specific needs.
  • Hazard Plate Detection - Our systems are designed to be adaptable to detect and read vehicle Hazardous Goods Plates based on the "Kemler Code" classification.
  • Watch-list Alerting - Our watch-list alerting system allows the quick detection and alarming of any vehicle of interest.

For more information on any of the above please follow the links or get in touch.