Speed is a major factor in fatal road accidents and our Road Safety and Speed Monitoring solutions are designed to raise motorist awareness to their vehicles speed and provide effective deterrence to those who choose to ignore it.

We have worked closely with a variety of stakeholders to address the issues of excessive vehicle speed on both public highways and private roads and sites, which has resulted in the development of a range of  Speed Amelioration solutions to help combat the problems of speeding vehicles and improve Road Safety for all.

Our range of Road Safety and Speed Monitoring Solutions include:


Our AspekDigital Range of smart ANPR cameras incorporates the Aspek Smart Speed camera. With both passive and active speed monitoring through image or radar detection, the Aspek range has the solution. 


A rugged self contained, trailer mounted, speed monitoring and compliance system. Ideal for use on building sites, business parks, industrial sites or even transport interchanges. SpeedSENTINEL offers incredible flexibility in mobile speed monitoring, with the ability to be quickly deployed and then re-deployed when and where its needed. 


The RoadGUARDIAN module is our back-office system built on our award wining eyeTRAFFIC platform which allows monitoring of multiple ANPR data and the effective identification of offending vehicles.

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