Site Security and Vehicle access control is a critical function delivered by our ANPR Solutions. Over the years, ANPR International, have worked collaboratively with a variety of Security Service providers to developed a range of ANPR based security and access control technologies for today’s security environment.

Our ANPR products cover both mobile, temporary and fixed camera solutions and have both a passive and active operational image acquisition and capture. We use only the latest in digital on board processing and deliver exceptionally high performance read rates.

Our systems can match against multiple database sources for instantaneous actionable alerts such as “Banned From Site” or “Access Allowed” and can autonomously link directly to electric barriers or gates to allow permitted vehicles access to the site without the need for additional card readers or access controllers.

For added security we can also tie in “Situational” cameras to the ANPR system and capture additional footage linked to the number plate read such as images of the driver, vehicle trailer or even to ensure that a HGV has its Cargo/Load cover in place.

Our range of Applications & Services for the Security Sector include:

Access Control

Our access control solutions, provide everything you need to ensure only authorised vehicles enter your premises.

Speed Monitoring & Control

Need to monitor or prevent speeding on your site. Our range of Passive and Active speed monitoring and control devices will ensure that safety is maintained.

Car Park & Traffic Studies

Want to know how well utilised your car parks are? Need to know what the volume of traffic is coming onto your development? Our range of ANPR based Car Park and Traffic survey solutions can tell you everything from duration of stay, number of repeat visitors and even the CO2 emissions profile of the traffic seen in a day.

Watch-list Alerting

Do you need to ban vehicles from your site but find it difficult to detecting them? Our alerting systems, can immediately tell you when a banned vehicle attempts to enter your site and put your security on notice.

Hazard Plate Detection

Our systems are designed to be adaptable to detect and read vehicle Hazardous Goods Plates based on the “Kemler Code” classification.

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