Car Park Management is the largest and most widely used private sector application of ANPR today. Our range of cameras and back office system have been deployed in parking since 2005 and we integrate with all major charge parking equipment manufacturers currently on the market, as well as working with a range of well known Notice Processing back office applications for enforcement.

Our eyeTRAFFIC software suite is designed to work in all parking environments, whether that is “Maximum Stay”, “Permit Holders Only” or “Pay for Parking”, ANPR International has the solution. Our systems can be adapted to work in any parking environment and provide, highly accurate and reliable ANPR information about compliance OR non-compliance in your car parks.

If your car parks are barrier controlled and tailgating is causing you problems, then look no further than our GateGUARDIAN system. GateGUARDIAN is a retro-fit solution to deal with sneak-throughs and tailgaters who race the barrier to avoid payment. The system is our latest development for the parking and access control sector and is only available from ANPR International or one of our designated distributors.

ANPR is not all about enforcement however, so if you are looking to enhance your parking facilities and improve the customer experience, we have the technology that can help with that too, from “Bay Guidance”, “Space Availability” to “Pre-Booking and “Automated Pay after Departure” solutions.

Our range of Applications & Services for the Parking Management Sector include:

Access Control

Our access control solutions, provide everything you need to ensure only authorised vehicles enter your premises.

Car Park Operation

We have a range of technologies to enable you or your car park management operator to effectively police and control your car parks. We have a range of Charge Parking, Permit Parking and Free Parking management systems, so whatever you need we have go the solution for you.

Speed Monitoring & Control

Need to monitor or prevent speeding on your site. Our range of Passive and Active speed monitoring and control devices will ensure that safety is maintained.

Car Park & Traffic Studies

Want to know how well utilised your car parks are? Need to know what the volume of traffic is coming onto your development? Our range of ANPR based Car Park and Traffic survey solutions can tell you everything from duration of stay, number of repeat visitors and even the CO2 emissions profile of the traffic seen in a day.

Watch-list Alerting

Do you need to ban vehicles from your site but find it difficult to detecting them? Our alerting systems, can immediately tell you when a banned vehicle attempts to enter your site and put your security on notice.

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