bayGUARDIAN™ is a fully integrated and automated vehicle management system from ANPR International.
bayGUARDIAN™ integrates ANPR cameras and Pay & Display/Pay on Foot machines to the eyeTRAFFIC™ back office system to manage car park revenues and enforcement. The system works by capturing Vehicle Registration Marks and time stamping them at the point of entry and exit. If the car park is maximum stay, bayGUARDIAN™ calculates the time a vehicle has been in the car park and, if the vehicle overstays, bayGUARDIAN™ will automatically obtain the VRM and owner details and send them a Parking Charge Notice through the post.

With bayGUARDIAN™ shrinkage in cash revenues are eliminated. Compliance revenues are improved and Parking Attendants can concentrate on what the name suggests; attending to the needs of the parking public.

  • PCN Revenue
  • Parking Attendants can attend more to the needs of the public
  • 24/7 Operation, unlike a manned operation
  • Encourages Motorists to pay full/required tariff

The essential element of any car park operation is ensuring compliance of the car parks rules and regulations; making sure that motorists where required pay for the the time they need, do not overstay their time limit and, when necessary, identify non compliant vehicles when the rules are contravened.


The bayGUARDIAN™ detects a vehicle entry and records its VRM at the time it entered, this is sent to the eyeTRAFFIC™ server. If the car park requires payment, the payment and VRM is recorded and logged. The Vehicle then exits, this time is also recorded and stored. If the vehicle overstayed eyeTRAFFIC™ logs the overstay, the contravention is detected, and a PCN is issued via the post to the keepers address received from the DVLA.