Watch List Alerting is an ideal way to get alerts regarding your “Priority Vehicles” instantaneously to your inbox, back-office system or even variable message boards.

Sometimes its difficult to keep up with the volume of data that technology today generates. In fact many ANPR systems process hundreds or even thousands of vehicle registrations each hour, but acting on that data sometimes requires human intervention which can lead to difficulties in prioritising what to deal with first.

When its necessary to assign a higher priority to certain vehicles, then Watch List Alerting is a way of cutting through the routine events and making sure that your Priority Vehicles get noticed.

ANPR Alerting works in a multitude of environments and for differing purposes, not just enforcement. Typical examples include: 

  • Alert to a Priority Customer / VIP entering the site
  • Alarm for a Banned Vehicle entering site
  • Alarm for vehicles associated with a crime
  • Alert for a unrecognised vehicle on site
  • Alert for vehicle requiring to stop at safety check point
  • Alarm for detected Hazard Plate

ANPR Alert can work both overtly and inform the motorist of the detection, by displaying a customised “Welcome” message on a display sign or can covertly notify security or law enforcement that a vehicle of interest is in the area.

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