ANPR technology is an extremely effective means of conducting Traffic Studies and generating comprehensive data about how vehicles use a particular part of the highways network, roadway or even car park.

By utilising a network of smart ANPR cameras in conjunction with other data sources, the system can provide a very valuable and data rich profile of traffic flows and insight into vehicle use.

Through the use of ANPR technology we are able to offer higher levels of detail than simple vehicle count methods and can trace vehicle movements around a set of camera checkpoints, providing extremely granular information.

Typical Reporting includes:

  • Vehicle Throughput Over Time
  • Time and Distance Analysis by vehicle
  • Duration of Stay / Dwell Time reporting
  • Checkpoint analysis
  • Vehicle Route Monitoring
  • Repeat Vehicle Profiling
  • Emmissions Data Profiling (based on DVLA Records)
  • Heat mapping

If you are interested in Traffic Studies then look no further than our Range of Traffic Study solutions:


Our AspekDigital Range of smart ANPR cameras can operate as standalone access control units, linked to any existing electronic barrier, or can integrate with our AccessGUARDIAN software suite for larger scale access control systems.


Bringing you a wealth of information at the “Click of a Button”, our carCOUNT statistical package delivers in depth metrics on how your car park is being used. Based on our eyeTRAFFIC platform, the carCOUNT system enhances your understanding of the vehicles using your car park with everything from – How long vehicles stay to Traffic Flow and Peak Occupancy.


The flexibility of a self contained mobile ANPR platform, makes our StreetSWEEPER system ideal for short to medium term traffic studies and surveys. Either used as a static capture point or as a mobile survey unit to capture snapshot data over larger areas. 

Survey Services

We offer a range of hassle free survey services, where our experienced Technicians will carry out an ANPR based Traffic Study to your exact requirements. We will deploy the most appropriate equipment for the survey and produce a detailed traffic analysis report to focus on your specific area of interest. 

System Rental

Want the convenience and flexibility to be able to undertake your traffic survey, but don’t want to make that big capital outlay or only need it for a short time? Many of our Traffic Survey solutions are available for short or long term rent, just let us know what you need and how long you need it and we will tailor a package to meet your requirements. 

For more information on any of the above