VivoPark Integrates with ASPEK Digital

ASPEK Digital Cameras integrate with Metric VivoPark Pay stations

Our new ASPEK digital camera range has been successfully integrated with the Metric VivoPark Pay Stations for use in Pay on Foot, barrierless charge parking environments.

The new system was built by ANPR International for the prestigious Earlsdon Park development in Coventry and incorporates four of Metric's Elite LS Terminals which were then configured and integrated with our eyeTRAFFIC system and linked to our ASPEK digital cameras on site.

The system replaces an outdated barrier controlled Pay on Foot system and is designed to provide free flowing traffic flow into and out of the 480 space Multi-Storey Car Park. Customer vehicles have their number plates captured by the cameras on entry which then log the vehicles exact time of arrival.

When the Customer is ready to leave, they simply visit one of the pay stations and input all or part of their registration via the integrated keypad. The terminal then receives from our eyeTRAFFIC back office system a list of all matching vehicles along with the corresponding images, which are displayed on-screen for the Customer.

The Customer simply identifies, from the list their vehicle and the pay station calculates how much is owed, requiring the Customer to pay the appropriate fee using cash or card and simply leave the car park.

The new VivoPark solution offers a very efficient and convenient charge parking solution, with the added benefit of now barriers to maintain and ANPR controlled permit holder and account holders functions available through our Autopay solution.