DRS Systems reach 2 Million vehicles recorded

Vehicle DRS Systems record images of 2 Million vehicles this summer

Vehicle Damage Recording Systems (Vehicle DRS) have reached an historic milestone this Summer with the combined installations accounting for over 2 million vehicles imaged and recorded.

The Vehicle DRS systems are used by a growing number of Airports and Off-Airport Parking operators to automatically capture and store images of Customer vehicles before they leave their car with the operator.

The demand for digital condition imaging of vehicles is increasing due to the large rise in popularity with travellers, for Meet & Greet parking services, where the motorist is either met at the Airport Terminal or drops off their car at the Terminal front and simply hands over their keys to the Valet Desk or waiting Valet attendant.

Convenience and Customer Service is now a watch word for today's travellers and the  ease of use and speed of being able to drop off your vehicle at the airport is key, but so is peace of mind and security, knowing that the vehicle is being properly secured and looked after whilst you are away.

This is why the demand for automatic vehicle damage recording systems is growing, in order to enable operators to seamlessly gather an accurate and detailed electronic evidence file of each and every vehicle in their care.

Accurate and Reliable

Vehicle DRS produces a full 360 degree image of the vehicles condition on arrival in full high resolution HD imagery and should the Customer raise a concern over possible damage to their vehicle whilst in the operators care, the vehicles condition at arrival can be checked instantly using the systems online call back facility, using the vehicle registration which is automatically linked to the images.

With the number of vehicles now captured and recorded by ANPR's Vehicle Damage Recording Systems reaching 2 Million, its clear that with this landmark milestone that the demand for Meet & Greet or Valet style parking will only continue to increase and ANPR looks forward to celebrating 5 Million vehicles in the near future.