eyeTRAFFIC is the worlds first fully integrated Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) vehicle management system.

eyeTRAFFIC manages the key elements of an ANPR system; the Cameras, the Network (including 3G), the back office processing and the access to vehicle registration mark (VRM) details from the DVLA (or any other national vehicle data base).

But this is only part of eyeTRAFFIC. Vehicle Management is all about 'up time'. eyeTRAFFIC is built with high redundancy. The ANPR cameras can work when the network is not available (in fact they can capture number plate data for up to 14 days). They can even control devices such as entry/exit barriers directly.

Unlike analogue based ANPR solutions; our digital ANPR Cameras process the number plate registration on the camera. All that is transmitted from the camera is the number plate, a visual picture and the vehicle registration mark. This dramatically reduces the bandwidth required to transmit the data to the eyeTRAFFIC system. The cameras can switch between network protocols so if the Local Area Network is down, they can even switch to 3G where available.

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