Image of DRS cameras at Manchester

As part of a major redevelopment project at Manchester Airport, the expanded Meet & Greet operation on Terminal T2 opens this week with a new Vehicle Damage Recording System (VDRS) from ANPR International.

Having already had experience of the benefits and advantages that Vehicle DRS solutions offers to Airport parking. Manchester opted to install our latest generation  DRS system as part of the newly opened Meet & Greet operation.

The Vehicle DRS system at Manchester Airport incorporates a triple lane canopy, incorporating 10 of our 4th Generation HD Damage Recording Cameras per lane, all linked to onsite server and ANPR service.

A full installation and integration package was delivered as part of the install, working with a number of onsite systems and providing direct interfacing to the ParkIT  parking and booking platform.

Works on the install commenced at the start of October and was functionally delivered by ANPR in just under 3 weeks from start to finish, in time for the November opening and arrival of the first customers this week.

As well as greatly increasing resolution, being 4k HD, the cameras have superior colour range and contrast as well as having a number of light enhancing features and filters, which help to compensate for glare and reflection, especially beneficial with lighter coloured vehicles