Vehicle DRS image using 4th Generation Camera

Doncaster Airport upgrades to our latest 4th Generation DRS Cameras

Having experienced the benefit and advantages that the Vehicle DRS solution offers to Airport parking. Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Airport opted to upgrade its DRS system this month, to our latest 4th Generation Cameras.

The Dual Lane Vehicle DRS system at Doncaster Airport has been in operation since the opening of the Meet & Greet service in May 2016. The system utilised our 3rd Generation DRS cameras which offered Hi-resolution vehicle images, but have this year been surpassed by the move to full HD imagery with our 4th Generation models.

The Airport was given a demonstration of the new 4k Full HD cameras earlier this year, prior to the cameras official launch, and when shown the contrast between their existing cameras and our latest models, could not wait to upgrade.

The new cameras were installed within the existing Vehicle DRS lanes with minimal disruption, due to the systems modular design and configuration, which meant the upgrade was completed within a single day for each of the 8 camera DRS booths.

The depth of image quality and resolution of the new cameras are an improvement of approximately 8x greater than our 3rd Generation Cameras meaning that the Airport can review vehicle images for even the smallest stone chip or mark.

As well as greatly increasing resolution, being 4k HD, the cameras have superior colour range and contrast as well as having a number of light enhancing features and filters, which help to compensate for glare and reflection, especially beneficial with lighter coloured vehicles

The upgraded system at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, is now at a comparable level of performance alongside newer systems installed this year at Leeds Bradford Airport and Cardiff Airport, which already benefit from the 4th Generation Cameras.