bayGUIDANCE is a revolutionises your car facility. You will acheive better car park utilisation, improved efficiency through powerful supervision and analytic software and a significant potential for energy savings.

On arrival bayGUARDIAN™ notifies motorists of the number of vaccant spaces via the distinctive LED displays and in which direction those spaces will be found! On each level the displays continue to guide the motorist through the car park, leading them the nearest vacant space. These vaccant spaces are indicated by a bright green LED light! Not only does this lead to a more efficient and free flowing car park, but it also gives the operator an opportunity to be more efficient by providing them with the resources to disable lighting in areas where the car park isn't occupied and even reduce the amount of ventilation in those areas.

  • Easy installation and design
  • Increased car park optimisation
  • Provides the operator with occupancy statistics
  • Money savings via Energy Efficiency