ANPR Launches ASPEK Digital Camera Range

ANPR Introduces ASPEK Digital Camera Range

ANPR is pleased to announce this month the launch of our new camera range, the ASPEK Digital Camera Range.

Building on our existing camera design and architecture, the ASPEK range is a suitable successor to our very successful D-ANPR-III Range.

This latest generation of smart cameras has been designed and built from the ground up to incorporate a smaller more compact housing, but with greater onboard processing and storage capability.

The range incorporates a broader suite of functionality and options, making it suitable for the largest possible range of applications, right out of the box. The design still utilises our distinct on-board ANPR processing engine, meaning that no other services are required for the camera to operate, other than power, which we have now included as POE (Power Over Ethernet).

ASPEK Cameras form part of a larger range of cameras, now offered by ANPR and will also form an integral part of ANPR's range of systems and solutions such as the Vehicle DRS (Damage Recording System) being supplied to a number of Airports over the next few months.

These cameras represent a natural evolution from our D-ANPR-III range which included the tried and tested D-ANPR-25 and D-ANPR-15 models. Whilst we have a great many of our D-ANPR range in active use today with our Clients, they can rest assured that these units will continue to be supported for a many more years, but with the introduction of the ASPEK range, we will no longer be taking orders for these older models.